When is the best time to move?

Moving Preparation - June 3, 2019

Opting for the most suitable moment to relocate should be your top priority. In your opinion, what’s the best time to move? Why do you think that? Based on what? What does it depend on? What would you take into consideration if you were to move? People often underestimate the importance of choosing the best possible date to relocate. This happens more often than not due to being overwhelmed with relocation planning. Figuring its ins and outs is not exactly the easiest task in the world. First and foremost, you should pay attention to moving on a budget, which can be tricky. It might even be an issue unless you’ve had a nest-egg. Also, packing can make you an edge. But, you can cope with it successfully if you make use of packing services San Antonio.  Still, what you might benefit immensely from is taking calendar into account when moving.

How do you choose the best time to move?

Avoid moving in summer

Summer is the most expensive time of the year to move. Ample families want to take advantage of the school year end. Having a lot of time to explore their new community facilitates the adjusting for the kids. Changing a place of living is much more stressful during the school season. Not moving in summer is responsible parenthood in a nutshell.

Another reason why you shouldn’t move long-distance in summer is it’s the most expensive period to move. The prices are going through the roof from the end of May until mid-September. Movers are aware many people choose these months to relocate so their prices are in accordance with this. What’s more, this is the time when they’re super busy which may cause delays in shipment or delivery. Also, harsh weather conditions such as baking hot days and skyrocketing temperatures are a moving no go.

Relocating in fall is your best bet

an amber-colored autumn leaf with a heart-shaped rupture
Autumn is by far the best time to move

Weather is one of the vital aspects when moving to Texas. Choosing the most suitable period of the year is no picnic, though. You need to ponder traffic prior to making a final decision. Also, you need to be wary of potential moving injuries caused by hostile weather. Next, bear moving companies’ availability in mind. Additionally, moving during business season peak is anything but easy.

Having considered all of the above, it’s best to move in fall. The autumn temperatures are pleasant because the summer heat is gone and icy days haven’t yet come. The beginning of the school year doesn’t put too much pressure on the kids. Consequently, they won’t find relocating too tiring. The traffic conditions are bearable considering the holiday season hasn’t begun. Moving professionals are not crazily busy. Correspondingly, you don’t have to book relocation too much in advance.

Why not move in winter?

Moving in winter is a health hazard waiting to happen. Ice makes it difficult to lift a box correctly. Basically, it means you put yourself in danger every time you lift a box containing pieces of furniture. If you drop any of them, you can hurt your foot pretty badly. Broken foot bones are a severe moving injury. Freezing days are the most common cause of fractures simply because our digits get numb. As a consequence, we’re unable to feel the weight. Likewise, if you slip due to ice you can hurt yourself even worse. Back injuries typically occur in winter.

Also, winter is holiday time. People pay each other a visit so the entire country gets blocked owing to the crowd. So, traffic is significantly slower which postpones the arrival of your items. As a result, your settling in is put off.

To move in spring is wise

a lush green yard with purple flowers. The blue sky only adds to the amazing view of the luxurious property
If you’re looking for the best time to move, opt for spring

There are numerous advantages of moving locally in spring. Firstly, the weather is nice. It contributes to properties looking more astonishing than usual. Sunbeams bathing pale-colored high-rises help condo selling in a blink of the eye. By the same token, trimmed lush green grass can amaze you thus expediting your decision. Combined with the turquoise sky and navy-blue pool, it holds you spellbound. Who on Earth would resist such an awe-inspiring view?

Spring is known to be the period of lesser moving season demand. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about not hiring movers as they are available in March, April, and May. In addition to this, they will provide you with affordable prices. You can get moving quote and additional services such as

  • packing
  • storing
  • furniture assembling

for a song. Anyway, don’t forget to compare moving quotes just in case.

Carry out an office relocation during the night

One of the most efficient ways to relocate commercially is to move during the night. The buildings are empty at the crack of dawn so you escape the crowd. This makes your relocation faster. Moreover, it will run like a clockwork because you will be able to wrap it up in no time. Are you tired of waiting for an elevator for ages? Moving at night puts a stop to it. Also, the streets are not fraught with endless ques of vehicles stressing you out.


All in all, choosing the best time to move is no joke. You have to tackle a plethora of details such as weather conditions, traffic, crowd, holiday season. Furthermore, you need to think about movers’ availability, peak season, school year and business season. Not to mention you ought to consider the moving companies’ prices. It goes without saying moving commercially at night might not be the most convenient option unless you’re a night-owl. On top of it, you want to move on a budget. Relocation is heavily influenced by all of the above. Therefore, maybe you should come up with an ideal moving plan before you go for it.

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