Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes into Storage

After the Relocation - April 30, 2019

So you have finally finished your relocation and you are about to settle in your new home. There is just one question that is bugging you right now. And it is what to do with all that pile of empty moving boxes now? Well, you can easily throw them away, but what if there is some other way to use them? Here you will find out how to repurpose cardboard boxes into storage, and give them that second purpose! Continue reading to learn more about these tips and tricks!

Repurpose cardboard boxes into storage – a shoe rack

There are a lot of uses for moving boxes after you are done with the relocation. In this example, you will be turning it into a shoe rack! There are several ways you can repurpose cardboard boxes into storage, and this is by far the simplest one. All you need is a pair of scissors, some transparent packing tape or glue, and a color spray. Use your scissors to cut out the box by its sides. Repeat this process until you have enough pieces for your shoe rack. Once you are done, take measurements and write them down. Using these measurements, cut out the desired size of those pieces. Make a box-shaped shoe rack and either glue or tape it together. But, how should you do it? Well, people take inspiration from the shape of honeycomb! But with squares. Once you are done, use the desired color spray and give a new look!

A shoe rack as one way to repurpose cardboard boxes into storage
Repurpose cardboard boxes into storage for shoes

This is a fun DIY project that can help you deal with excess moving boxes! Especially when movers are done with their professional packing services and your relocation!

Make storage for clothes

This little project can make your life more interesting because it can involve a lot of creativity. Remember, all these DIY projects are low cost and they will cost you little to no money at all! For this project, you will need almost the same supplies. Scissors, tape, glue, scalpel and whatever you want to use as a decoration. Remember, stay safe and keep sharp items away from children! Now, you don’t have to cut the moving boxes. You can leave them as they are. What you can do is to further increase their durability. You can do that by taping the packing tape along the edges of the boxes. Both inside and outside. Once your boxes are secured then get to the next step in order to repurpose cardboard boxes into storage.

Bunch of ties folded in a moving box
You can use cardboard boxes to put your ties in them

Starting from the bottom, you can use thin rope and just start wrapping around the box until you reach the top. The best way to do this without damaging the box is to glue the rope to the moving box. This won’t put pressure on the box, and still, look stylish and neat. You can also paint the inside of the box if you want to. Now your box for towels or other clothes is ready to use! Most of the boxes you get from your movers are very durable and in great condition. Also, it depends on the high quality of moving services the movers provide you with. And the way they handle those boxes as well.

Desktop organizer

Of all the useful ways to repurpose cardboard boxes into storage, this might be the quickest. Simply take the boxes with different sizes and figure out what size do you need. After that, take the sides of other boxes and divide the empty space of your desired box. Don’t forget to tape or glue it together! You can also put paint on it, in order to look better on your working desk. Here you can put all of your pencils, notes and another office like materials. This is a good way to organize your workplace and keep it nice and tidy. This is just one of the many ways to reuse moving boxes. Make sure to find the one that best suits your needs!

Pencils in a box
You can make an organizer for your desktop

A new place for pets

Although this doesn’t count exactly as storage, it is yet another good use for old boxes. But, since you will be making something for your pet, clean it up first. Also, it is a good idea to disinfect it. The possibilities are endless with this project. Simply use whatever you have in your home for this. But there are some main items you need to have in order to make a new place for your pet. Those items are blankets, towels or pillows. Use them as paddings so your pets can sleep on them.

Cat in a box
Moving boxes are a cheap solution for a quick pet bed

Now, once you cleaned and cut your box into the desired size, decorate it with whatever you want. You can either draw something on it with markers, paint it, or glue any fabric around it. It all falls down to how creative you are with this DIY project. Just put a blanket in it! Let your pet adapt to it! This is just one of the ways to deal with what’s left of packing materials!  Use this to deal with any excess items left from the move and not let them clutter your home!

There are many ways to repurpose cardboard boxes into storage! We here at Evolution Moving Company San Antonio presented you with the few ones we think are the most fun to make! There are hundreds of ideas you can find out on the web that can help you deal with the moving boxes. If you have any new ideas you would like to share with us, you can give us your feedback! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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