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Moving Preparation - March 20, 2019

Choosing a moving company to assist you with your move is a decision that you need to make based on the right and truthful information. There are plenty of moving companies operating around the country and globally as well. Some of them are reliable, while you should avoid others at all costs. The most difficult thing to do is to make out the difference between reliable and unreliable ones. There are certain tips and tricks that you should make sure to get informed on. However, we are not going to dedicate all of this article to how to choose a moving company. We are, however, going to present you with the information that you should pay close attention to when signing a moving contract. Bear with us and make sure to complete your move the best way possible.

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Sign a moving contract in order to make sure that a moving company is going to move you to Texas for the agreed price

Choosing a moving company – what you should know

In order to choose the right moving company, you need to pay attention to several of its key characteristics:

You should be signing a moving contract only with reliable moving companies

In order to validate that a moving company is reliable, you should check some of its key features.

Firstly, obtain information on whether the moving company you are about to deal with bonded, insured and licensed. You will want to do business only with such companies. Therefore, do your best and find out about them as much as you can.

Secondly, your mover should be a member of the American Moving & Storage Association. All reliable moving companies are.

Furthermore, you should check online reviews and opinions of other customers. No company is going to receive positive reviews only. However, reviews should be mainly good. Open your eyes and choose wisely.

Make sure to write down all the characteristics of your long distance move before signing a moving contract
Characteristics of your long distance move should be named in the moving contract

Lastly, check the reputation of your mover with the Better Business Bureau.

Services offered for the price quoted

All reliable moving companies will offer to come and make a free price estimate. You should make sure not to rush and choose the cheapest price. Rather, choose a moving company that is going to offer as complete a service as possible. Usually, you will be able to choose from packing services San Antonio, storage, bare moving services, etc. You will want to make sure to have professionals take care of your move throughout.

Signing a moving contract – what to pay attention to

Now that we have given you the general guidelines on what to pay attention to when choosing a moving company, now is the right time to take a look at what you should pay attention to when signing a moving contract. The most important aspects of the contract are:

  • Moving estimates
  • Bill of landing
  • Inventory list

Moving estimates

As we have already pointed out, a reliable moving company will ensure to provide you with a free moving estimate. If you like a moving company that has not offered to do that, you need to raise a red flag.

First of all, it is your right to know how much your long distance move San Antonio is going to cost you. On the other hand, how is the mover supposed to quote you the right price if he has not seen your load? Therefore, hold back from signing a moving contract before meeting up with the mover. After you receive a moving quote, that can be binding or non-binding, you may continue with the procedure.

Binding and non-binding free moving estimates

There is a large difference between these two. And an important one.

A binding estimate is a precise moving estimate that binds the mover to charge you no more than the price quoted. Obviously, the client should pay that amount and should not agree to anything more than that. A true reliable moving company will not try and charge the higher price after providing the client with a binding moving estimate. If you are expecting to receive a binding moving estimate, make sure to receive it in written form, signed and stamped.

Non-binding moving quotes are mere approximates. Moving companies reach a non-binding estimate upon the total weight of your items. However, they do not measure them for real. A glance at them or one phone call and some movers will give you a non-binding estimate. In this case, the mover can quote you a higher sum once the move is over. Therefore, think twice before signing a moving contract based on a non-binding moving quote.

Bill of lading

A bill of lading represents a document that is supposed to set clear boundaries on liability in the moving process. You will want your mover to be held accountable in case anything should go wrong. Therefore, make sure that your bill of lading is well composed. It should contain at least the following points:

  • Mover contact information
  • License number
  • The origin of the move and its destination
  • Date of the pickup or the agreed period
  • Costs
  • Dispute procedure

This is one of the most important documents that you are going to sign with San Antonio movers. Make sure that it is written correctly. Otherwise, you may experience issues in the case that something might go wrong.

Inventory list

Singing a contract

The last thing that your contract must contain is a list of your items – the inventory list. This document is important because it should contain all of your moving items. If a piece is not on the list, then it might have never existed. Now, try getting compensation for such an item. It is going to be pretty difficult to do that. Therefore, make sure that all of your belongings are included on that list.

Be smart when signing a moving contract

The smartest thing that you can do when signing a moving contract is to approach it in a smart way. Ask for everything that you might not understand. Make sure to read the contract through. Insist that it should contain the above-mentioned bullets. And bear in mind that you are the client. The moving company should be flexible and meet your needs. It should not be the other way around.

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