Tips and tricks for packing flat screen TV

Packing Tips - October 11, 2019

Your flat screen TV is probably one of the most fragile, expensive and important household items in your home. It is also one of the most difficult items to move and pack. For this reason, many people ask a series of questions when they are packing flat screen TV – and transporting the TV – to a new home. How to pack it properly? Can you place the flat screen TV down or transport it upright? Fortunately, we’re here to help answer all your questions about your flat screen TV and give you our best tips and tricks. So read on as we’ve rounded up all the things you should know about packing and moving your TV!

What are the proper ways of packing flat screen TV?

In the beginning, if someone knows any tips and tricks when it comes to packing flat screen TV, those are definitely movers San Antonio. Still, if you need to learn how to pack flat TV on your own – we will talk about that soon. First: let’s see what not to do. In general, movers say it is always advisable to move the TV in an upright position – and not to place it flat. Why is this? Because no matter the distance your flat screen TV needs to travel, vibrations from a moving vehicle are inevitable. Unfortunately, these vibrations can cause flat screen TV screen to crack or break. Therefore, in our opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry… And say goodbye your flat screen TV forever because of bad transportation. Always move the flat screen TVs upright and secure with connections so that the box in the car does not move.

room - packing flat screen TV
If someone knows any tips and tricks when it comes to packing flat screen TV, those are definitely movers San Antonio.

What exactly is flat screen TV?

Before you start packing flat screen TV, you may need to know what flat panel displays are exactly. Still, if you are not really interested in this part, feel free to skip it to our next paragraph.

There is a good chance that you will notice these two types of TVs in all households. People love LED TVs and Plasma TVs and their flat screen design, wall mounting options and smart TV features. Here’s a quick overview of these two popular flat screen TV options:


Also known as LCD TVs with LED backlighting – uses a liquid crystal display (LCD) to control where light is displayed on the screen. Still, we have to point out that as technology continues to improve, all newer LCD TVs are now being produced with LED lights. So most (if not all) of the LCD TVs that are purchased today are actually LED TVs.

Plasma TV

Although plasma TVs are no longer mass-produced, there are still plenty of them. These types of flat screen TVs look similar to LED TVs but are quite different. A charged gas between two glass panels illuminates the plasma screen. Also, Plasma TVs require more power to operate and generate more heat.

You will notice these two types of TVs in all households.

What do you need to pack your flat screen TV?

You need a great deal of protection material to safely pack – and transport – your LED TVs and Plasma TVs to your new home. Of course, if you are moving internationally, you will be much safer hiring reliable long distance movers San Antonio to do this job for you. Still, if you feel you can manage it, here are some essential items we recommend you have:

The right packaging material

Packing the flat screen TV in the right box can make the difference when it comes to maintaining a secure loading and transport to your new home. If you still have the original box of your TV, we recommend that you reuse it as long as it is still in good condition. Also, be sure to reuse the original packaging material, including the Styrofoam inserts that came with it. If you no longer have the original packaging, you can consider hiring packing service to help you with packaging.

Need help finding moving boxes? Always opt to buy quality packing material from your local movers as they will usually bring affordable moving boxes to your home address.

Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is a necessary material for packing flat screen TV… And moving any household item, besides cardboard boxes and plastic foil. It’s no secret that flat screen TV comes with a handful of wires and cables. To keep them together (and prevent them from becoming tangled), we recommend tying them in some way.

Opt to buy quality packing material from your local movers as they will usually bring affordable moving boxes to your home address.

Plastic bags

The safest place for bolts, remote controls and wires is a plastic bag. If you are packing them with a TV, consider putting them in a waterproof plastic bag first. This will keep all those tiny pieces safe and dry… Not to mention, it will also prevent them from getting lost in transit.

Packaging Paper

Packaging paper is a great way to protect your flat screen TV while it’s in the box. If you are not sure where to find packaging paper, we again recommend contacting your local movers.

Foam lining, plastic wrap etc.

Other popular items to use when packing flat screen TV include foam foil, plastic wrap, and bubble wrap. All of these items can be used to protect the TV while it’s in the cardboard box.

Styrofoam or Foam Corner Elements

The corners of your TV will be particularly sensitive to bumps and damage during movement. For this reason, it is important that you properly secure the corners of the flat screen TV in the cardboard box.

In the end, we hope you will use some of our tips and tricks for packing flat screen TV. Remember to be patient and ask for help when moving flat screen TV. You can always call your movers and get free estimate on packing and relocation services.

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