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Moving Preparation - April 1, 2019

Texas is the state with a unique culture, and each city is special in its own way. Everybody can find a place to call home in this amazing state. Each year newcomers are drawn to Texas for its weather, jobs, quality of life, a great number of leisure activities and relaxation. Still, before you start to pack your boxes there are a few things that you should know which will make moving to Texas trouble-free.

Start organizing your move

It’s needless to say that moving to the other part of the country will be a hard task. There are so many things to get done, and you have to start planning early. The more time that you have on your hands, the easier and less stressful your relocation will be. The sooner you book your movers, the more chances there are that moving to Texas trouble-free will be doable.
Bakestone of every good relocation is detailed organization. You have to take care of every little thing and relocation tasks. There will be a dozen of those, so to make sure that you won’t forget something, create a moving list. Putting everything in writing will give you the peace of your mind, and you can schedule the time for each task more efficiently.
The moving checklist should contain:

  • Your moving budget
  • The inventory list of the belongings that you are relocating
  • The list of the things that you’ll donate/sell/throw away
  • Packing plan and packing schedule
  • All the moving dates
  • Information about your movers
  • Information about your new home
  • Travel arrangements for your new home

Find a new home

First of all, you need to decide where your new home will be. Explore the cities in Texas and find the one that suits your needs.
Focus on the living costs, entertainment options, transportation, job market and all the other things that are important to you. Maybe you think that Austin is the perfect place for you, but when you do the research, you may found that Houston is more to your taste. Research is everything, and you need to like the new place that you’ll be calling your home. That will ensure moving to Texas trouble-free.

The best metro areas in Texas:

As a capital city, Austin has so many interesting amenities, but also the highest living costs.
  • Dallas – Texas is the place where something exciting going on always, in all of its parts. If the northern part of this state interest you, you should know that Dallas is one of the best metro areas there. It boasts a great economy, has all types of sports and leisure options and a low cost of living.
  •  Houston – If you’re moving to Texas for the work than consider Houston. Banking, oil, and gas dominate the economy of this city. It has reasonable living costs, plenty of real estate options, and many cultural and entertaining events. It is an international city with a lot of excellent employment possibilities.
  • Austin – The capital of Texas is also famous by the name the Silicon Valley of the South, or Silicon Hills. It is a tech hub and has the greatest music scene in Texas, so many young professionals and musicians move to Austin each year. The costs of living and housing are much higher than in any other part of this state. But its residents say that the price tag of living in this amazing city is really worth it.
  • San Antonio – this city is famous for the Alamo, the Riverwalk, and basketball. It’s a short drive from the state capital, and represent the true gem of Texas. It has a rich history and great cultural scene, but also many entertainment options and a strong economy. San Antonio is the home of the best long distance movers in Texas that will make moving to Texas trouble-free experience.

Hire a moving company for moving to Texas trouble-free

Cheer with your friends to your new beginning in Texas.

Moving across the state, or from the neighborly state is a hustle. It’s the same type of long distance move since you are crossing the state lines. This is much more difficult and complex process than moving to the other part of the same time. You will need the assistance of the professionals for moving to Texas trouble-free.

In fact, hiring the moving company is the only guarantee for the stressfree relocation. It will save you so much time, and when everything adds up, it can be even more beneficial to your valet. Choosing the premium moving company in Texas to conduct your move will mean that you won’t be worrying about the moving day what so ever.

The movers will do the heavy lifting, loading, transporting and unloading of all of your belongings. If you purchase the additional packing services that most reputable movers provide, you can take this pesky task from your shoulders as well. It will mean more time to research the town that you wish to move to. You can focus on other things that require your attention and saying a proper goodbye to your loved ones by organizing a moving away party.

Things to know about Texas

Sure, Texas is the great state to live in. Question is, is it perfect for you? Different people have different preferences. The key is to find out can you be happy at your new home and city. That’s why research is necessary, so take a look at these features of Texas.

Living costs

Location is the determining factor when it comes to calculating monthly living costs in Texas.
Still, generally speaking, this state has quite affordable living costs in most suburban areas of the state. Except for Austin, which is a hot spot for luxury real estate, the cost of living in Texas falls below the national average, making it a wonderful place to settle. Whether you decide to buy a home or rent it. Speaking in numbers, living costs in Texas are 20-30% lower than the US average.


The climate in Texas is one of the reasons why many moves to this state. The average temperatures are mild, but summers can be very hot, but extremes over 100 degrees are the major exception. In the end, it all comes down to the climate of the country where are you coming from. If you are coming from the coldest part of Canada, you will feel like melting in Texas. When your homeland is Florida, Texas will be a fresh breeze since humidity is very low during the summer months, making it easier to breathe.

Climate in Texas is mild.
The humidity in Texas is low, which make the heat more bearable.

Business environment

Texas has a booming economy, and the largest companies offer employment opportunities in a wide range of career fields. While the oil industry is the biggest employers, right beside it are the tech companies, universities,  telecommunication, and health care industry. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston is the state’s largest single employer that employs hundreds of people annually.

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