Ideas for decorating a rental apartment

Home Improvement Guide - September 17, 2019

If you are looking for ideas for decorating a rental apartment then you are in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you are an owner or a tenant of the place, these ideas will surely make your apartment more likable! In this article, we will try to provide you with a couple of good ideas you can use! This will surely help you with your home decoration!

Removable wallpaper is good for decorating a rental apartment

Looking for something that is easy to set up, clean and remove? Then this is just the thing for your rental apartment. Removable wallpapers are easy to put, and you can get them in all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, you can even get your hands on a custom made! Or, send your own print on how you would love them to look like. In the beginning, it was used as a prop on movie sets, but today, people use it all over the world. It is a far cheaper and better solution than repainting your home. If your walls are already clean, and you just don’t want to repaint them then use this! But remember to clean and dry your walls before you put the wallpapers on! Removable wallpapers will have a problem sticking to the walls if there is dust residue!

Removable wallpaper used for decorating a rental apartment
Removable wallpapers are great when decorating a rental apartment

What important to know with removable wallpapers is that they are easy to transport, but can be tricky to pack. Because it is, after all, a paper, you should avoid getting it wrinkled or damaged in any way! If you are moving anytime soon anywhere in San Antonio, and you wish to bring those removable wallpapers with yourself, then always opt for getting packing services San Antonio! This way, your items will be packed and transported safely!

Rugs are great for decorating your place

Decorating a rental apartment is easy enough with rugs. They are perfect for covering large empty areas or some small places where people sit. They also come in all shapes and sizes and you can even order custom made ones. We suggest you take thicker rugs because during the winter they will come in handy as a good insulation from the cold weather. Also, although they will be harder to vacuum and clean, that shouldn’t deter you from the idea of getting them. They are the perfect decoration for your rooms and also

A dining room with a rug
Rugs are excellent when you want to cover that large empty space on the floor

Rugs are especially hard to carry! Although, much sturdier than wallpapers, they still can lose their form and get damaged. Not to mention that some of them can be very heavy. If you decide to move them on your own, the risk of getting injured is higher. Which is why it may be for the best to hire professional movers San Antonio. They will certainly handle your rugs with proper care!

Refurbish your wooden doors, windows, tables and chairs

This may require a bit more cash from you, but it will be worth! All of your wooden items in your house could use refurbishing and polishing. This will make them look better, and you can even raise the price of your apartment if you are renting it to someone. First, you need to get all the tools for this job in order to do it properly, and that will include:

  • Paper or nylon to cover the floor and protect it from dripping. This is important, because you are decorating a rental apartment, and it wouldn’t be cheap to have to remove stains from the floor or carpet
  • Sandpaper – from rough to smooth ones for fine jobs
  • Paintbrushes you will use to apply the wooden polish.
Carpenter working on a board
Repair and polish any wooden furniture in your home

Once you sand your wooden items, you can start applying the polisher with the brushes. Usually, people suggest to do it in 2 or 3 layers and to finish it with paper because it makes the wood absorb the polisher better. For better results try to find out the ways to refurbish wood so you will do it like a pro!

Opt for led lights

When we talk about led lights, we talk about cheap and efficient. They come in whatever shape you can find. But, most of the time, people take led strip lights. Which means you will get them on strips you can place all over your wall. They are not expensive and won’t consume too much energy! And also, they are perfect as both decorations and for lighting your room. Today you can even choose between multicolored lights and remote-controlled. The best way you can utilize them when decorating a rental apartment is to use them simultaneously with your regular lights. They can provide you with enough light so you can see everything, and at the same time cast lovely colored lights all over the place.

Strip of led lights
Led lights strips allow you to decorate your place however you want

Led lights are cheap and very energy efficient! They are one of the best solutions when it comes to DIY decoration! When you are opting for DIY decoration, you need to have a budget plan! Or you can end up losing more money than you planned! Learn more about the cheap home remodeling ideas so you can make your rental apartment look better!

Paint your home when decorating a rental apartment

Before you even begin doing this, you need to ask for permission from your landlord! If they accept, then you should continue with this! There are numerous ways you can use this when decorating a rental apartment! Whatever you want, you can paint on the walls! You can even make it a little DIY project for you and your family! When it comes to painting your home it doesn’t hurt to know more about ways to paint your home properly!

There are simply a lot of ideas for decorating a rental apartment, and we couldn’t present you with all of them because that would take a lot of pages! We gave you some of the basic ideas you can use to make your apartment look far better! Give us your feedback if you already have experience!

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