How to write a helpful moving review

After the Relocation - June 8, 2019

So you finished your relocation and settled in your new home! What to do now in those moments of rest? It is simple, really, why not write a helpful moving review! If you are amazed by the services your moving company provided to you, then you should give them your feedback. Not only does that help the moving company, but at the same time, other potential customers as well! Continue reading and learn what to pay attention to when writing a review!

Why should you write a helpful moving review

I asked myself the same question when I did online shopping. Why should I give feedback on their services and products? Then it hit me. Not only are you helping the company but also you are helping new potential customers as well. Do you know something that can be useful to others? Can they benefit from you? Then you should absolutely share that piece of information with them!  It’s not like it will cost you money or some huge amount of time.

On the contrary, it will only take a couple of minutes! Think about it! That short moment you spend on sharing your experience can be of great help! You can help people make a good decision on hiring a certain moving company.

People talking about how to write a helpful moving review
When you know how to write a helpful moving review, you are helping new potential customers

That is especially good when people are looking for long distance moving companies. While people may not use some moving services when they move locally, they will on long-distance relocations. Remember always to leave feedback of your experience so people can find it easy to hire those long distance movers San Antonio.

Talk about their prices

One of the first things people want to hear is the price of the relocation! Of course, several facts influence the price of moving services. Once you get a hold of that information and consider it to be a reasonable price, share it with other potential customers. The first thing newcomers have in mind is the price of the moving company. So having this in mind, they will consider whether or not they will hire them for their relocation based on the moving quotes San Antonio movers give!

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Always mention their prices

Write about their services

Next stop on your feedback list should be a review of their moving services. Every moving company has a set of basic moving services they provide. And most of the time they are:

  • Local moving – A short distance relocation mostly within the city. And if you are pleased with their performance, then definitely write a helpful moving review about it.
  • Long distance moving – Often about moving to another city
  • International relocation – Moving to another state
  • Packing items – which sometimes cost extra
Image of a three women from call center
Give feedback on their moving services!

And then, depending on movers expertise, you have specialized moving services. They include piano moving, specialized moving boxes, and containers for valuable items, etc. If you see that a moving company offers some services that are connected with government such as military moving, then you will know you are dealing with a certified moving company. There is a way to see if the movers are certified and have every legal paper required for work. Just go to the Department of Transportation government website and enter their USDOT number. If they have any legal issues, you will find it here!

Give feedback about their workers

Sharing your experience with their workers is a crucial part of your review. And it should contain information on things like:

  • How did the movers handle your items
  • Were they careful enough
  • Their packing experiences and materials used
  • Were they slacking or on time and point
A cartoon man carrying a box
Tell them about their workers

You can quickly notice the lack of experience of the movers. If they get injured easily or don’t know how to handle your items, then you might have a problem. That is one of the biggest factors that influence will people hire movers or not. As well as one of the information people use when they compare movers before hiring them.

The equipment uses by the movers

Moving companies should always have the latest equipment when handling your items. Furthermore, that equipment should be not only in working condition but highly maintained. So once you are done with feedbacks on their prices and workers, write about their moving equipment. This should include trucks, vans, carrying equipment and packing supplies. If they come to you with the latest tech and supplies, that means you are dealing with a responsible moving company, and should definitely hire them.

On the other hand, if you are met if movers who want to rush things with their beat-up trucks and vans, you may up getting conned. Those types of movers will definitely charge you up with some hidden fees you can’t afford. Ending up paying much more than you initially wanted. So make sure you know how to avoid moving scammers when relocating.

When you want to write a helpful moving review there are certainly a bunch of things you need to mention in your feedback. Their experience, professionalism, equipment and overall price. Because your review can help other potential customers chose between a good and a bad moving company. We hope we gave you enough pointers on how to give feedback properly! If you want to add something, feel free to do it in the comment section down below!

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