How to pack your home in a day

Packing Tips - July 16, 2019

Moving is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. With so many things to think of before you move, it’s no wonder that some people start months ahead. However, you cannot always choose the time of your move. A family or professional emergency might make you relocate sooner than you thought. This is the time when you need to pack and move in a hurry. Although it might seem impossible, there are simple ways to pack your home in a day. Follow our tips and you will surely have all the time you need.

Create a checklist when you pack your home in a day

Moving and packing are stressful, no doubt about it. However, you can reduce the amount of stress on moving day with a few simple steps. Before you start packing your home, you should go through each room. Make a room-by-room list of everything you need to pack. You might find some things that you forgot about a long time ago. This is a great way to think about what you want to take with you and those items you are getting rid of. Also, this will ensure that you don’t forget anything during this hectic day.

A list will help you stay organized when you pack your home in a day.
Create as detailed a list as you need to keep track.

Another great idea is to hire professionals for their packing services San Antonio. This will buy you time to focus on more important things, like decorating your new home. The experts you hire will do their best to make the entire process less stressful for you.

Start as early as possible

The sooner in the day you wake up, the sooner you can start packing. This also means that you will have more time to pack your home in a day. Something unplanned can always happen, for example, some of your boxes break or you realize you have no more duct tape. By starting early, you will have a better chance of handling those issues. If you have time the night before, prepare your breakfast so that you can eat quickly. However, make sure you never skip a meal on moving day. This can cause you to feel sick, which is the last thing you want.

Wake up before dawn to maximize the time you have.
Time is of the essence when you only have a day to pack.

Of course, you should always consider hiring professional residential movers San Antonio TX. On the other hand, this might not be an option for you. Many people also choose to ask their friends, family, or neighbors for help with packing. This is a great way to save money during a move, but also to bond with the people who help you. Just remember to have plenty of water around to prevent dehydration.

Pack room by room when you pack your home in a day

When you think about packing your entire home, it can seem like a daunting task. There are so many items to pack that you don’t know where to start. Instead of thinking of your home as a whole, consider it in pieces, i.e. rooms. When you pack room by room, packing your home in a day is much easier and it will help you cope with moving stress. Don’t start another room until the first one is packed completely. Moreover, think where those items will go in your new home. You should pack together those items that will be in the same room in your new home, not as they are in your old one. This will also help with the unpacking process, as you will have an entire room in one place.

Furthermore, you can go into more detail when packing each room. For example, every book that you know will go on one shelf should be in the same box. Practice this same logic when packing closets, drawers, and cupboards. You should start with the kitchen, as this is usually the most cluttered room in each household. From there, move on to the living room and the bedrooms, and finish with the bathroom, as you will likely have the least items there.

Pack some things ahead of time

In the days and weeks before your move, you can start packing some things you know are not necessary for your everyday life. These things include artwork, posters, photographs, souvenirs, etc. Anything that is of value or easily breakable., which also includes packing and moving picture frames. Another reason for packing these things ahead of time is their value. You shouldn’t rush packing vases or expensive china, for example. This will only lead to a box full of broken pieces. Instead, pack each item carefully and make sure that it is in a safe place before the moving day.

Pack crystal vases separately from other items.
Use plastic bubbles or sheets to pack fragile items.

Additionally, you can also pack seasonal clothes or decorations ahead of time. If you are moving in the summer, you surely won’t need that parka or ski boots. So think in advance and save yourself the trouble when you pack your home in a day.

Don’t take everything with you

When you pack your home in a day or in a hurry, you will be tempted to simply throw everything in moving boxes without a second thought. You want to finish the process as soon as possible and think that you don’t have time to consider each item. However, this will only result in the clutter in your old home. Instead, consider whether this particular item brings you joy. If you don’t think you will use it or want to look at it every day, don’t take it with you. Set aside three piles while you pack: one to keep, one to donate and one to throw away.

You can give the items you plan on leaving behind to your friends or family. Ask them if they want that ugly chair from your living room, as you might be surprised. On the other hand, you can donate some things to a local Red Cross or a different charity of your choice. Just make sure that the item you are donating is not damaged or dirty. While you pack your home in a day, think about other people in need. Something that you might not want anymore might make someone else very happy.

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