How to find the best moving rates

Hiring Moving Experts - May 25, 2019

One of the things making the relocation complicated is the best moving rates hunt. Moving on a budget is becoming more and more difficult due to unplanned expenses. This is exactly why you should ponder the moving rates. You’ll get used to always counting on a bit higher overall moving cost than anticipated eventually. Let’s say you’ve gone through the relocation ins and outs. You’ve chosen the most suitable dates in terms of the school year aiming to facilitate the adjusting process for your kids. Alo, you’ve been penny-wise. Consequently, you’ve opted for the least busy time of a month. You’ve got ample packing materials to protect your items, especially the fragile ones. You’ve taken care of storage, too. In brief, you’re good to go, but you’re limited by finances. Now what?

Rolled dollar banknotes
The financial aspect of moving is always the trickiest one

Make the Internet your best friend

Can you think of a better way to inform on any matter than the Internet? There’s a wide array of moving companies out there. All you need to do is to visit their website. That way, you’ll get a bigger picture of the best moving rates they provide. Correspondingly, you’ll know what to expect when hiring them. Then move on to the particulars. Go through the available information one more time focusing on details and look for any obvious discrepancies.

Next, narrow down the choice to a dozen of professional movers. To make a decision, judge which one offers the services that meet your needs best. For example, you could give commercial movers SA a chance. Once you do that, get down to contact them via phone. It’s common knowledge direct communication provides you with more precise moving figures.

Compare and contrast information

Prior to hiring any moving company, talk to a few more so that you can contrast their quotes. That’s why you need to talk to at least ten of them. Needless to say, absorbing a huge amount of sensitive information such as moving quotes is overwhelming. It’s hence a good idea to take five before accepting any. On the whole, this is one of the techniques of how to cope with moving stress.

How to find the best moving rates?
It’s always a good idea to compare and contrast moving rates

Old ways still work

Even though you think you can memorize each piece of information, write it down so as not to miss any. Can you imagine memorizing the best moving rates from several moving companies? By the time you contact the last one, you’ve already forgotten what the first movers you contacted said.

Bargain prior to closing the deal

OK, so, you’ve talked to myriads of movers thus gaining the insight into their moving rates. It occurred to you that you’ve might found the ones you want to hire. You’re willing to compromise on their asking price, but something is bugging you. You feel you could reduce the price notwithstanding it’s already been fairly affordable.

Try negotiating the terms and check if you can contribute to decreasing the price. Feel free to bargain. Discuss additional services while mentioning you can do some of them on your own. This attitude should do the trick. Moreover, ask if you can provide amoving insurance coverage elsewhere instead of buying it from them. It could work. Insist on the least busy time of moving season and plan in advance. How far in advance should you book a moving company is a million-dollar question.

Benefit from being specific

One thing you should be wary of is what exactly you’re paying for. In order to avoid potential misunderstanding with the movers be specific, precise, even repetitive, if necessary. Don’t be afraid of asking the very same questions in different ways to make sure you’ve understood them correctly. Pay close attention when signing a moving contract. Check everything.

Firstly, cover all the bases regarding their best moving rates, moving insurance and details. It is of paramount importance not to take anything for granted. If you think they must load your belonging free of charge, that’s fine. However, do not assume it’s carved in stone they need to do so. Therefore, ask if it’s an additional expense or not. That’s the only way not to lose your temper on moving day upon finding out you have to stretch a budget.

The aim of being specific is to find the best moving rates
Be very detail-oriented to find the best moving rates

Make distance count

By and large, the moving rate is distance-dependent. If you’re relocating across the world, it’ll, by all means, affect the price. Similarly, if you’re preparing to move locally, the figures shouldn’t go through the roof given the time it takes to move a person next-door. In case of a shorter route, opt for residential movers SA as they guarantee a relocation running like clockwork. It means you’re off the hook regarding any troublesome moving chores such as

  • packing
  • loading
  • unloading
  • heavy lifting
  • assembling and disassembling furniture

On the other hand, local moving gives you a chance to opt for a DIY move. With this in mind, renting a moving truck is your best bet. It’s been the most economical way of moving given the fuel expenses do not cost an arm and a leg. The icing on the cake is if you’re in charge of everything.

Final tip

When you finally grasp every single moving detail, have it in black and white. Make sure to sign a legally-binding contract with a moving company. In case anything goes wrong, you won’t suffer the consequences due to the letter of the law. Just follow it to the tee and don’t worry. The worst case scenario is to get reimbursement. It’s never a bad thing to make extra money, is it? Besides, what’s the worst thing that can happen? A broken item? So be it. You’ll get another one in a blink of the eye. Isn’t that right?

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