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As we have a lot of experience in the moving business, we know that moving quotes are often problematic. The reason for that is clients trusting unreliable moving companies, who ‘hide’ certain moving costs from them. In the end, clients end up with surprise costs they have to pay – and have fear from any future relocation. However, this shouldn’t be like that. Evolution Moving Company San Antonio cares about its clients. That’s why we make sure to explain everything about moving quotes San Antonio and leave our clients satisfied with our services.

Why do you need to know everything about moving costs?

Well, let’s say you have a certain moving budget. You need money for relocation, and maybe storage or buying new furniture. So, if you are unaware of the true moving costs, you may end up paying more than you predicted in your moving budget plan, and have no money left for other things. Moving quote serves as a certain financial plan, so it is important to know all details about it.

Is a free moving quote enough?

moving quotes San Antonio
It is very important to get the precise moving quotes San Antonio for a stress-free move

One of the great services we offer is the absolutely free estimate of your moving costs. However, we at Evolution Moving Company San Antonio feel like it is a great feature, but certainly not enough. By contacting our moving team, you can schedule an in-home visit, and get a detailed moving estimate. You should know that moving costs can depend on the accessibility of your home, the number of floors/stairs, the number of moving boxes, specialty items, etc. This way our team will calculate the moving costs correctly, and you will have no worries about paying them after the move.

Are there different types of moving estimates?

Well, yes. The nature of your contract ( and your experience) is based on the type of moving estimate a company offers. You should know the basic differences between them. However, whatever the type you choose, be sure to read the contract carefully and ask if you have any questions. These are the moving quotes San Antonio:

  • Non-binding estimate – this kind of estimate is just a prediction of your moving costs. Therefore, it is prone to changes and depends on different factors, usually on the weight of your possessions. However, this is not everything. Even though the price can be higher than it was estimated previously, you don’t need to pay everything right away. Your mover can require you to pay up to 110% of the estimate written before. You can pay the rest of the sum later.
  • Binding estimate – this type of moving estimate doesn’t change the price. The estimate that was made in the beginning is the sum you need to pay. Of course, if there weren’t any changes made to your inventory list.
  • Binding-not-to-exceed estimate – is the version of the previous one, the binding estimate. If the weight of your items is less than it was estimated – the price will be lower.

How to avoid fraudulent moving quotes San Antonio and moving companies?

In a huge moving business, there are many great moving companies. However, there are some that don’t care about their clients and use different ways to trick them. Be sure to:

  • check the documents you are about to sign – avoid vague, blank documents. It is important to read every detail of the contract and understand it fully.
  • choose a trustworthy moving company – check the online reviews, recommendations, company’s website, and social network. Be sure to choose San Antonio TX local movers you can trust with your possessions.
  • get the moving company representative to come and make an in-home inspection and detailed inventory list. Any vague moving estimates are a sign of a risky mover.


Why choose Evolution Moving Company San Antonio?

moving team
Our professional moving team will make your move a breeze

We explained why it is important to hire somebody reliable and get the right moving quotes San Antonio. That’s why our moving company is the perfect choice for you. Our team is skilled and experienced – which means high-quality services and precise moving quotes San Antonio. We believe that our clients’ experience with us gives us chance to be better and work more and more. That’s why we do our best to provide clear, precise moving estimates and respect everything from the agreement with our clients. With choosing us, you get to work with somebody you can trust your valuables to be packed and transported to the new address.

Our services exceed all expectations

By choosing our moving company you can get:

moving quotes San Antonio and a full-service relocation
Our moving company provides not only clear moving quotes San Antonio, but also full-service move.
  • easy free estimate, to get the idea of your moving costs before the detailed quote.
  • precise, clear moving quotes San Antonio – easy to understand and at your best interest.
  • full-service relocation. We deal with your relocation from the beginning to the end.
  • local moves – moving locally in San Antonio is not as easy as it seems. Our team knows the city best and can choose the quickest and safest route from your old to your new home.
  • long distance moving – we can deal with your move even on a longer route around Texas. It can be complicated and tiring, but we can make your long-distance move quick and easy and save you a lot of time of planning and organizing.
  • packing – our packing experts will use the best techniques and high-quality packing supplies to protect your items during transport. Packing takes a lot of time and energy if you are not skilled to do it, so people are often tired and overwhelmed after this. That’s why you have the privilege to hire our team to do all the work and you can actually enjoy the moving process.

All you need to do is decide what type of moving services Texas you need, and we will do all the rest. Be sure to contact us and get the free estimate right away! Furthermore, if you are in a rush – don’t you worry! You can rely on our company for a fast and efficient move.