A simple guide to staging a house for selling

Hiring Moving Experts - October 6, 2019

If you have planned to move out soon and sell your home then you should know more about proper home preparation! Did you know you can even sell your home for a higher price if you know how to stage it for possible customers! In this article, you will know more about staging a house for selling so you can get more money out of selling your place!

Staging a house for selling – how to begin

When it comes to this part of house selling there are several steps you need to do before staging a house for selling. And the very first step you have to do is to declutter your home! Yes, you will have to get rid of all the items you do not use anymore. That means clothes, furniture, electronics, plants, etc. And there are several ways you can lose those items. And just some of them are:

  • Donations! – Give away your items to those who could use them and need them more! This way you are both cleaning your home and helping those in need. And let us be honest, this is the noblest way to do it.
  • Sell them – Use Craigslist, or organize yard sales where you can sell items for a certain price! This way you will earn some money you can use for getting some special services from your movers, for example. We all know how much packing for moving can be stressful so why not take packing services San Antonio from reliable movers?
  • Throw them away – And the last but not the least, you can throw away the items you do not use anymore. Just try to find proper clutter disposal companies in your area!
A sign with the words chaos and order
Always get rid of all the items you don’t need before staging a house for selling

The very first step you need to take before staging a house for selling is to move all of those items from the home! You probably won’t need them where you are going, and the new possible owners wouldn’t want to keep them anyway!

If something needs fixing, fix it!

Even if it something minor, fix it! You will see how grateful you will be for doing so because every fix you do will bring you more money when you sell your home. Just after you have decluttered your place, it is prime time to expect every corner of your home and see what you need to fix! Now, you should always start with the basement and work your way up! If there are any major issues never hesitate to hire a professional! Because, most of the time people try to fix those issues on their own, and end up making more mess than there were in the first place! Look around the floors, windows, doors, walls, roofs, etc. If there are things that need fixing, then fix them.

A plumbing fix needed before staging a house for selling
Always fix any issues in your home before selling it

Once you fix everything, it is the prime time to pack and move to your new home! And after you have discarded those items you do not need anymore, you can pack what you want to bring and leave.  What you would need here is professional movers San Antonio who can help you with your relocation! This way your moving will go smoothly and without problems!

Learn how to fix wooden floor and furniture

A part of every fixing in homes is eventually dealing with wooden parts of the house. And we mean floors, kitchen parts, chairs, tables, etc. If they only need refurbishing then you should just that. Polish them, and replace those parts that need to be replaced. Trust us, nobody likes to come over to see a new potential home, and notice the damaged floor or other parts. You need to fix this in order to sell your home for a higher price!

A man working with wood
Some wooden parts are not that hard to fix

What you should know here is that repairing wooden parts is not that difficult. Especially if there is just a little work to be done. So, it won’t hurt you to know tips & trick on how to fix wood!

The new paint job does the trick

Yes, this is true! A new paint job is the best solution when setting a house for selling! In the process, you will solve any potential issue you have with the walls and old paint jobs. Nothing says well-maintained home like a good paint job. Now, depending on how your house is built and what room serves what, you will paint it accordingly. As you may know, colors play a major role in our lives. They can influence our behavior, help us express our creativity, etc. So, think more about this when you are searching for guides on repainting your home for sale!

brushes and paint
Repaint your home for a better look!

Ask a professional about staging a house for selling

This can be either the first or the last option you can choose for this task. Staging a house for selling is not an easy task! Which may be the perfect opportunity for a professional to come in and help you with your task. He will most probably tell you what needs to be fixed, and how to decorate your home to get more value. Professionals know what is trending in the retail business and they can advise you what to do with your home to sell it faster and for a higher price. So if your budget allows you, think about hiring a professional to help you with your home staging! They probably know a lot of tricks on how to sell a home for a higher price!

Staging a house for selling can be tiring and stressful! Especially if you are not experienced enough with it! This is why this article is here to help you! We hope you found all of the information you will need to successfully sell your home!

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