10 easy ways to add value to your home before the move

Home Improvement Guide - July 3, 2019

It’s a common dilemma whether to find easy ways to add value to your home before the move, or simply sell it as it is regardless of the price. And sometimes it looks like there is no dilemma. The answer seems to be: do not invest in the adaptation and call moving services San Antonio to do their job and move. Because most people want to arrange the apartment for themselves and are not ready to pay a higher amount for the furnished apartment… And especially not the price that would justify the whole process of adaptation, investment, time, nerves. But on the other hand, it does make sense! If you are selling your place and want to know how to adapt it to get the price at least a little bit higher, here are the tips for creating a more homie vibe – without being too personalized.

1.Whitewashing: an easy way to add value to your home before the move

Painting your walls is a good trick for refreshing your space and adding value to your home before the move without too much investment. Of course, this does not have to be the whole apartment; it can only be one wall that will be accentuated. Consider which color would break the monotony of your place, and at the same time, fit the rest of the space.

Painting your walls is a good trick for refreshing your space and adding value to your home before you move.
Painting your walls is a good trick for refreshing your space and adding value to your home before you move.

If you are not sure about the tone, you can find countless tutorials about the meaning of the colors and moods they are associated with, so choose the one that best conveys your selling message. Are you trying to create a soothing, working, or perhaps social atmosphere? Just imagine somebody moving from Texas to San Antonio. Maybe their idea of an ideal home is entirely different than yours. So before they start calling San Antonio TX local movers, they should be convinced your place is the one.

2. Entrance hall

The saying says: there is no second chance to make the first impression. And it usually takes a few seconds to make one… And it takes a lot of years (and effort!) to change it! You would be surprised if you knew just how much the first impression has an impact. The truth is that a first impression that a prospective buyer gets about your apartment is precisely the one that makes the final judgment. As there is love at first sight between two people, there is love at first sight between the apartment and future tenants.

So make the entrance hall as bright and clean as it can be. Get rid of any extra elements in it, and leave only one or two coats, a few pairs of shoes and some decorative elements. Besides this, you should make a general cleaning of the whole place. Wash the front doors, sort the clothes in the cabinets, and wash the mirrors.

3. Kitchen

When talking about natural ways to add value to your home before the move, the kitchen is the most obvious space to upgrade. And any of the professionals from moving companies San Antonio can point precisely what to do. Firstly, the most important one: get rid of any visible food, appliances, and devices. Clean everything thoroughly – along with the interior of the fridge and cupboard. When the surfaces are empty, group the small kitchenware into the tray and add a vase with the flowers. Cleaning the whole kitchen may take your entire day, but the effect will be incredible. The devil is always hiding in details. And don’t forget: the cooker should be sparkling clean.

In the kitchen, get rid of any visible food, appliances, and devices.

4. Bathroom

If in other rooms you are not really that clean, here you have to be. And the rule is: clean everything and make it shine! After rigorous cleaning, add neatly folded (and new!) soft towels, a piece of beautiful, aromatic new soap and a little greenery as a decoration. Of course, remove any empty bottle from the bathroom, and lower the seat on the toilet.

5. Living room

Here applies one of the basic rules: when thinking of easy ways to add value to your home before the move, potential buyers should be able to see themselves in your home! Especially the ones who are moving long distance. So hold your breath and remove all personal photos, memorabilia, as well as items like remote controls. If you leave or add decorative elements, such as pillows, blankets, tables, let them be in simple color palettes.

Besides this, let the light into your apartment. Lift shutters, move curtains, wash windows. The brightness creates miracles: your apartment will look completely different if it is bathed in sunlight. In rooms where there is not enough daylight, turn on the light (even during the day). Also, make sure all the light bulbs work – this can be applied to the entire apartment.

6. Working area

If you live in an apartment you intend to sell, it is clear that the smells of everyday life will be caught in it. Make sure that these scents are the scents of a warm, family place. And this is especially applicable to the working area. So no smells of tobacco, unwashed curtains and unsealed garbage cans. Clean the rooms well. Wash the curtains if you have them, throw the garbage from the cans, and put some refreshments in the room. Always have a little cinnamon at hand – sprinkle it over the oven and just warm it up. Cinnamon is a fragrance that relates to warmth, cakes, and feeling of being home.

living room
Potential buyers should be able to see themselves in your home.

Another thing you can do before the potential buyer comes is to style the look of the shelves. Try grouping books and decorative elements by color. It’s essential to be clear and straightforward, so it is advisable to remove all objects that “pop out,” i.e., which do not fit into this simple scheme. You can even start packing for your relocation or consider getting a cheap packing service Texas. Also, pay attention to the plants if you have them – are they dry or healthy? If not, remove them and get the new ones.

7. Bedroom

Most people like the typical hotel look of beds and bedding in San Antonio. That’s why you should add pillows, blankets, covers, and make sure the bed looks warm, soft, and comfortable. And it is logical that, over time, you have accumulated things that you do not need. For you, these are memories, but for the potential buyers, this is just overused (and overpriced) space. Now is the time to get rid of everything that is excess. For starters, it will be easier for you to move when your apartment looks more orderly and more transparent. You will certainly not need extra things in the new space, and you will show the space in all its size to the buyers.

8. Kids room

Maybe one of the easiest ways to add value to your home before the move is to decorate the children’s room. There is more place to play around here, but also the need to clear and simplify that space while keeping the youth spirit in mind. And we know you love your children, but keep the toys and their lovely mess out of the way. The same goes for your dog or cat. Because do not assume that buyers will love children or pets as you do. That’s why it’s best to take them away somewhere else temporarily – you do not sell them but the apartment.

Add plants, pillows, blankets, covers, and make sure the bed looks warm, soft, and comfortable.

9. Outside area

If you are the lucky one with your own balcony or garden, show it in the best light with new plants, textile elements, and lighting. If the floor is worn away and a cleaning does not help, put a large carpet-resistant in the exterior. Also, get rid of any extra furniture and call service for garbage collections.

10. Make a perfect ad for your place

Before you even call your movers for a free estimate, you should place a real estate ad online. And writing an advertisement that will quickly and efficiently sell your place seems to be very easy and simple, but there are some rules. Just imagine you wrote an ad, you paid for it to be placed on some website, but your phone does not ring.

Great photos

The first thing that potential buyers see is the photo. For this reason, the picture of the home you are selling should be as attractive as possible. So, light and sharp images with no extra detail should be an obvious choice.

Text that calls to action

Once you have selected the appropriate photos, add text and characteristics of your old home. What helps in better ad placement are keywords. If you choose the right keywords (which should be related to your place), it will be easier for you to reach potential buyers. For example, if you sell an apartment, your ad should contain words like “flat,” “buy an apartment,” “real estate,” etc.

window -add value to your home before the move
Light and sharp photos with no extra detail should be an obvious choice for an ad.

With a good word combination, your ad will also be ranked well in the Google search engine. Some sites even offer the option to fill in the tag fields. If you have this option, be sure to write down all the keywords. When choosing them, imagine what a user that goes to Internet type to find your ad. If it’s an apartment, the keywords are: apartment, San Antonio, duplex, central heating, garage, etc.

Descriptions that smell like home

In the ad description, emphasize advantages such as “bright, airy flat”, “double-oriented”, “warm walls”, “renovated bathroom”, “quality parquet”, “new windows”, “security door”, “welcoming neighborhood” etc. Write down all the properties of the space that might mean something to a potential buyer. Try to describe the size and arrangement of rooms more closely and whether there is a possibility of rebuilding and obtaining a different structure of the apartment.

Show value

Make sure that the description is long enough to give all the essential characteristics in it, and yet be brief enough not to lose the attention of the potential reader. It is imperative to take care of the spelling and to not write text exclusively in capital letters, because such text is difficult to read.

Try to describe the size and arrangement of rooms more closely to add value to your home before the move.

What is also important is to indicate in the ad description is the proximity of objects of importance to most people. These can be schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, health centers, pharmacies, as well as the distance of city transport. The proximity of such objects is a value, and you should use it when describing a real estate.

An ideal ad title for your real estate

To make your ad stand out and to sell your property faster or find your ideal tenant, you need to satisfy the basic rules of Internet communication. Whether you are going to highlight your real estate characteristics, the attractiveness of the location, or the way of arrangement depends only on you. If you want your ad to be noticed in an ocean of similar ads, you can add some unique attributes such as modern, luxurious, rare find, etc. Try to show the main advantages of your place compared to any other. Apart from the attractive title, the text itself should be true, accurate, informative, and serious. So here is what you must not do:

  • Avoid lying and beautifying what you are selling
  • Do not use phrases
  • Do not give people obscure information

Additional help that will add value to your home before the move

Finally, here are some statistics that can help you out when trying to add value to your home before the move:

  • half of all homebuyers use the internet to find a home
  • the typical buyer searches for ten weeks and looks at ten properties before choosing
  • half of the homebuyers are first-timers while the other half are repeat buyers.
  • half of all homebuyers end up buying a place that they found online
  • more than 85% purchased a place using the help of an agent

In the end, keep in mind that your apartment is nice to you, whatever it is because it is your home. Add value to your home before the move and offer the opportunity that your home become home to someone else.

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